Today we are showcasing the work of our fellow friend @elgordomike / FatMike Brand.
We met back in 2007. When we first started this 2iLL Clothing shit! We met him at Rick’s Airbrush graff shop in Downey, CA. He was doing awesome stencils back then and we kicked it off because he is from where my mom is from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. We stayed in touch after he moved back to Mexico. A couple years later he started a screen print shop in his home town and created the FatMike Brand.
This is some of the work we have done together. Enjoy!

My Eyes

I used to feel real good looking as a youth. Then life happened to me and I started to see myself in a different light. As I started staying up late and abusing my body, I wasn’t too proud of myself. My eyes started to get bags under them and they never seemed to be the same again. As I started to do heavier drugs, I started to see myself in a worse way. At one point I was ashamed of who I had become. I was ashamed that both my eyes seemed different. I don’t know if I ever noticed that they were different, but now I had made up my mind that they were because I could see them. I spent many years trying to hide and still hated myself. As time went on I told myself stories that I was like I am because of my genes and because of the drugs that I had done. As I got older some days I learned to love my life and to just live it. Other days I wished that I was somewhere else. As I shut myself from everyone I became more strange. As I went on from losing relation to relation still with no change. I humbled myself and looked back from where I have come. Even though it wasn’t a pretty road, I had to accept it. Most importantly,  I had to accept who I was. When I did that, I was able to change. I opened up my heart and started to sow love. Love within myself, love for God. I started to accept my two different eyes and everything having to do with them and myself. Today I am writing this with a different heart. It may seem different, but it’s the same heart I have always had. The same eyes that God has blessed me with. And the same body that I am still in. Though I have been through rough times and I seem different, I am still somehow the same. I am no longer ashamed.

Alcohol & Weed [Music Video]

Shot and edited this video for Severe (formerly known as @bobbybucher) and his Krooked Teeth homies. This project took three nights to record. It was real fun. Had the homie Kore36 (@koretreseis) help out with the lighting. We were getting mad high and drinking some cheap liquor. Fun times! Malik is on the hook!

Tie Dye Styles

We started tie dyeing in 2013.
It’s been a trial and error, but with tie dye there is no errors!
We dye every garment in house, no more than a dozen at a time!
Check out these tubular tie dye styles we have dropped through the times.
Let us know if you want us to cook a custom up for you!
Peace and blessings earthlings!




Keep it 2iLL.

Here are a few favorite pictures we received by email and Instagram.
We will be uploading more pictures that we have available soon!

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2017-01-27-10-06-16_ghostwriters_dabsface_tees_2illNot only one, but two! Thank you for the support!!
Dj Kaunn 2iLLed Owt! Catching butterflies? lol2016-11-09-07-31-49_fbgm_fatmike_brand_coffee_instagram

Big slab over a shirt! Fire2016-11-26-21-45-07_chance_burns_ganja_i_love_dabs

Nice shot2016-11-26-21-26-18_ackley_suicide_instagram_2ill_clothing

Ackley Suicide :enter emoji here:2017-01-15-18-26-08_amber_errl_710_dabs_2ill


We sometimes send our supporters extra custom gear.. appreciated.2015-11-09-12-52-15_spliff_hemingway_snlp

Spliff smoking a spliff.2016-01-05-14-17-17_dont_lie_to_kick_it_tribe_atcq

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Kickin’ it with Spliff Hemingway

Went to visit my good friend Spliff Hemingway in Mid City Los Angeles, California.
Hadn’t seen him for a good while! Since we moved out of the Pomona, CA shop.
He used to always come through and smoke blunts and joint with me while I printed gear.
So this time I went to go visit him at the studio he rehearses his rappity raps at! Haha
Check out the photos we took also the video of his song “Flighted” with Agallah the Don.
Also the video of the Buddha Heads Tee Release!
We are dropping some new collab gear with Spliff soon!