Today we are showcasing the work of our fellow friend @elgordomike / FatMike Brand.
We met back in 2007. When we first started this 2iLL Clothing shit! We met him at Rick’s Airbrush graff shop in Downey, CA. He was doing awesome stencils back then and we kicked it off because he is from where my mom is from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. We stayed in touch after he moved back to Mexico. A couple years later he started a screen print shop in his home town and created the FatMike Brand.
This is some of the work we have done together. Enjoy!

Hustle Faith Design


Collaboration with @Dsyple
Linked up with 2 iLL Clothing on the photography.
This is for the graff heads no doubt!
That real iLL Grimey shit!

hustle_huss_baby_dsyple_graff_canvas_art_two_ill_photography_black_tee_shirt hustle_huss_baby_dsyple_graff_canvas_art_two_ill_photographyheather_grey_tee_shirt

Had some fun printing this design because we’re getting to learn printing multi color photo type designs.
These type of designs take more work, hence more excitement to see how they turn out!
Real happy with this print collaboration with @Dsyple !