Spring 2018 – Tie Dye Hoods

We started Tie Dye -ing back in 2013.
After 5 years of experience with the color processes.
We come out with this!!
Very proud to bring to you.
Our finest hand crafted tie dye sweaters!
[more sizes/styles coming!] :]

[XL] California MHC Tie Dye Hoody


[Large] Two iLL Swaggin’ Tie Dye Hoody


[XL] Mile High Club Tie Dye Hoody






Spring 2018 – Tee Drop

Check out these Flava-full shirts!
Dropping March 20th, 2018!

WALRUS OG caught and hauled to 2iLL Studios.
TRILLIONAIRE MHC – Trel character design by Crown.
UZI FIRE – Fully loaded and assembled at 2iLL Studios.
HUSTLE FAITH – Photo of Huss Baby, artwork by Dsyple.

Designed, Printed & Crafted in Los Angeles.


Walrus OG on Heather Chacoal Tee
TriLLionaire MHC Tee (Glow in the Dark)
Uzi Fire Tee
Hustle Faith Tee


Let the Rhythm Hit Em!


Tie Dye Styles

We started tie dyeing in 2013.
It’s been a trial and error, but with tie dye there is no errors!
We dye every garment in house, no more than a dozen at a time!
Check out these tubular tie dye styles we have dropped through the times.
Let us know if you want us to cook a custom up for you!
Peace and blessings earthlings!