Just Some Pictures..

Here are some pictures that were in my camera, phone, or computer.
I just decided to share them on here to show you the story of where I go and what I’m up to.
If you guys like these type of posts, leave a comment and tell me which photo you can relate to!


This picture (top) was taken when I went to Laguna Beach, CA in Fall of 2016. Yea it was still warm
out here in Cali! Gotta love the good weather! I miss the longer days of Summer!


This past year I started reading more. Some days like a maniac.
I can read for 5 hours like nothing. Email me if you want to talk about books that are good!


A picture I took a few months back before the new year. It was of these two new trucker hats we had dropped
on top of Gabriel’s Orange Lolo. Go check out his shop “Tee Shirt Spot” in Lincoln Heights.


Some more of our gear..


Picture my sister took. I was teaching her how to do long exposures. That’s me right there working.


Took a trip to Santa Cruz, CA in the New Year weekend. Hope you all are having a great 2017!


On the pier on such a nice day!


There was lots of seals just lounging under the pier!


Caught one taking a splash!


Hit up a little hiking trail by the city. I think these are Redwood Trees. They are real tall! Couldn’t fit them in the picture.


 Went to Mount Baldy by the city of Pomona, CA. and built a Snowman!
Crazy to think that there was snow so close to me for years and I had never been to it!


This is the Grand Canyon’s south rim view. Actually the view is much way huger than this cropped image.
Went out there this past Spring! This was for sure on my bucket list! Along with building a snowman. Haha
Thank you for checking out the pictures. Hope you enjoyed!
I’ll look for more pictures and share soon!

Hustle Faith Design


Collaboration with @Dsyple
Linked up with 2 iLL Clothing on the photography.
This is for the graff heads no doubt!
That real iLL Grimey shit!

hustle_huss_baby_dsyple_graff_canvas_art_two_ill_photography_black_tee_shirt hustle_huss_baby_dsyple_graff_canvas_art_two_ill_photographyheather_grey_tee_shirt

Had some fun printing this design because we’re getting to learn printing multi color photo type designs.
These type of designs take more work, hence more excitement to see how they turn out!
Real happy with this print collaboration with @Dsyple !


Dsyple & Black Gold Villain – Art Show “Adaptation”

Hit up this art show on January 14th, 2017, called “Adaptation”.
Thrown by @Dsyple and @BlackGoldVillain, if you want to check them out on the Insta!
They collaborated on a few sick canvases, thought most of them were from Dsyple, the one’s
that BGV collabed on were fire! Here are a few of the pieces that were up for display.
I wouldn’t mind owning a couple myself! Let’s hope I do!
We are going to be dropping some gear we collabed with Dsyple!
Stay tuned!