Shante is an ambitious mother of two originally from Long Beach, Cali.
She is rocking 2iLL Clothing femininely with class, representing whole heartily our crafted tie dye and female tank.

Hustle Faith Crafted Tie Dye Hoody

Marley Zombie Female Tank Top

Hustle Faith Crafted Tie Dye Tee

Photoshoot with Meriah

Went to Riverside, CA to shoot Meriah.
It was a nice day, not too hot not too cool. In a park called Fairmount Park.
There was some vicious ducks there! Don’t get too close to them. Haha
Met Meriah through the homie Self Provoked. Had shot her with some of his gear.
I remembered her saying she would like to model our clothing.
So, one day, I decided to take the drive over there, 2 hour long traffic sucked!
Sure miss having a shop in Pomona, CA!
Here are some of the shots we took. Only a couple looks, since it got dark.
Caught the Magic Hour lighting though!